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UK Stag Weekends

UK stag weekends
Some of the best activities and ideas available in Blighty

The UK might not have the same swagger and style as us Irish lads, (ahem) well let’s face it we are a breed apart, we do have a rare take on life and our humour and dedication to the craic is legendary and renowned wherever we go. However UK stag parties do offer some great options for lads in search of the promised land when celebrating the end of single-dom for one of our fallen comrades. He’s leaving the warmth of his bosom buddies to head for his happily ever after and deserves a proper send off.

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Your Guide To The Ultimate UK Stag Do

At we’ve lined up the UK’s top stag destinations and set everything up to ensure not just a great UK stag weekend but the stuff of legend, the type of stag party that Morgan Freeman will want to narrate and that bards will write great songs about. Too much? We think not, and the proof is in the pudding. 96% of our users say they would book with us again.

These destinations consistently come out top of our most visited locations in the UK. But it doesn’t stop there. If you have another destination in mind ask our team and we’ll get the party started wherever you have in mind.

What’s Hot In The UK?

Well for starters if you’re looking at the southern most UK destinations (Bristol, Bournemouth, Brighton, Newquay, etc) then come the summer months there’s a good chance of finding great weather. We can match that with awesome daytime activities. Since 2002 we’ve sent over 450,000 clients off to celebrate their last days of freedom and have built up great relationships with the best activities.

Our list is almost endless and if you can’t see what you want to try or just want something completely new for your stag party enquire now. If you want to try your hand at a Zombie Boot Camp and take on the undead (we’re not referring to the groom with a hangover) or perhaps the groom has always fancied himself as something of a hero (recently fuelled by an addictions to Game of Thrones) then you can book him up for our Knight School in a medieval jousting tournament where you and the lads will learn the art of hand to hand combat before mounting horses to do battle.

Being In The Thick Of The Action...

Having the best activities is great but you don’t want to find yourself in the middle of nowhere and having to shell out for taxis. All our accommodation is right in the heart of the cities we provide. That means at the end of a heavy night you want have far to go when it’s time for heavy heads to hit pillows. Equally when the morning rises (and the hangovers clear) you can step out ready to face your day’s activities which will be in easy striking distance of your hotel.

More For Your Money...

It’s not just our attention to detail or commitment to great customer service that makes the best solution for booking your UK stag party but our years of experience means we can save you cash. Having worked with many of our suppliers for over a decade we have built up long lasting partnerships which means we get exclusive rates we can pass on to you. Our online payment system also takes the hassle out of getting the lads to get organised and get paid. You won’t have to be chasing the each of the lads asking for their money, each of the stags can pay individually online so once you’ve got them all signed up we’ll take care of the rest.

So once you’ve spoken to us and got it booked you can sit back, relax and wait for the lads (and importantly the groom) to congratulate you on a job well done.

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