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The Ultimate Krakow stag do

Not every stag do will think of Krakow as the perfect stag party destination which is even better for those that do. Let’s box a bit clever here, if you’re planning a stag party there are certain things you’re going to need to keep the boys happy, firstly stags do often get a bit thirsty, Krakow being in a country that boasts the highest density of bars in the world means you’re never more than arm’s length from a drop of something cold. There’s also the good weather so you can enjoy those pints in the sun.

And secondly Poland offer the kind of activities that you simply won’t be allowed anywhere near back home. While the Health & Safety Fun Police will rule you offside for daring to enjoy yourself in Krakow you and the boys can let RIP in totally controlled environments knowing your fun is well managed not micromanaged. That’s before we even mention the nightlife!!!

Quite simply Krakow has all the ingredients for an epic stag party without the crowds.

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If you can think it up then Krakow can supply it. Want to try target shooting? Want to try it with an AK-47? How about whitewater rafting, snowmobile or hire an entire football stadium for a match with your mates? Surprise the groom with some sexy maids or a roly-poly show? Krakow takes stag activities to a whole new level!


Krakow Stag Nights


One thing you should probably prepare for and that is Poland is bonkers! Don’t expect the kind of stag nights you’ve seen back home, it ain’t gonna happen. Krakow will take your average stag night and turn it into something spectacular. Crazy clubs, excellent beer (at great prices) and a whole heap of random. It’s the perfect stag party pleasure ground.

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  • Booze Cruise
  • Brewery Dinner
  • Casino
  • Guided Pub Crawl
  • Lap Dancing
  • Limousine
  • Restaurants
  • Strip Boat
  • Strip Dinner
  • Tenpin Bowling
  • Guided Nightclubbing

Since 2002 we’ve worked with over 450,000 clients, when it comes to booking awesome stag parties there is nothing we haven’t seen before. We take pride in having a great attention to detail and take the time to check out all our activities and destinations personally. We’re committed to making your stag party the stuff of legend from your initial enquiry right through to our 24/7 hotline so even in an emergency we’re just a phone call away should you need us.

We also strive to bring you great value, having operated in Poland so long we have built up long standing relationships with all our suppliers, that means we get exclusive rates we can pass onto to you. We want you to get the most bang for you buck so you’re stag party is a complete success, we’re not saints, the simple fact is if we get it right you’ll come back and use us again. 96% of our clients say they would use us again and many do.

What's Hot in Krakow

Krakow really does give offer a taste of something really unique, even it’s history is a bit mad, the city is based on the site where a local shoemaker slayed a dragon and had a city named in his honour (no really it’s true! There's even a dragon - but possibly whale – bones in the main square). August sees Krakow’s largest festival role into town with live bands and music and of course more beer.

However the city doesn’t ignore it’s past and if you’re history buffs there are some very poignant reminders of the Jewish ghettos and a museum dedicated to some truly moving but important lessons from Europe’s troubled past that are worth a visit. However most of all Krakow is a celebration of life and the city embraces the weird and wonderful in equal measure and it does tend to be catching.

Getting To Your Krakow stag do...

There are cheap flights available from Dublin to Krakow direct. Krakow airport’s own website is regularly updated with the best travel news to get to the city centre but shuttle bus is the best pocket friendly option. Even shuttle taxis are quite reasonable but make sure you agree a price before getting in the cab. Some taxis will have set advertised fees but a bit of haggling could land you good deal

Getting around the city itself really is simple, with most all our accommodation being in the city centre you will be in the heart of the action. However if you do feel the need to get in a cab don’t hail one, calling a taxi rather than picking one up in the street could save you 30% of the fare. Buses and trams also operate in the city at a reasonable rate however timetables can be a touch erratic.

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