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Your Guide To The Ultimate Irish Stag Weekend

With the stag do looming it’s time to swing into action and get that party started, and when it comes to partying there is now finer place in the world than the Emerald Isle. Ireland stag parties are awesome!

Why go to all the hassle and expense of getting all the group on a plane when everything you need is right here in Ireland. Some of the best activities in Europe, great cities to visit, a plentiful supply of Guinness and a party culture that is the envy of the world (in fact there should probably more statues erected purely in celebration of Irish celebrations!)

Stag do’s seem to be getting more fancy and frankly weirder all the time. “Oh yes, for my stag party Tarquin, Ralph and a few of the chaps all went off to Patagonia where we climbed a mountain and lived off lime tree leaves…” “Yeah, well me and the boys went to Dublin, we went surfing and go kart racing. We, mostly lived off Guinness, banter and insults and it was epic!”

Getting The Best Out Of Your Ireland Stag Party...

People the world over are guilty of not appreciating what they have on their doorstep and while we Irish know how great our country is we often don’t take the time to really look around. Sure, we all moan or make jokes but in reality there really is no place like “home” yet how many have truly our own island?

Most Irish guys have no idea how many amazing activities are right under their noses but you’ve done the right thing and found so you’re already on to a winner. We’ve done all the running around for you and have already got the best activities lined up across the country, from Irish stag do classics like paintballing and go karting through to deep sea fishing, Gaelic games, segway polo and white water ribbing. Enquire now and we can get your party started.

We’ll match that with great accommodation in the heart of the action so no matter which city you decide to head to we’ll make sure you have somewhere to rest your heads (and possibly nurse your hangovers) and wake up ready to go with the party right on your doorstep.

You also won’t be stumbling around like lesser stag parties in search of the promised land, we can arrange all your evening activities like guestlist nightclub entry of for the best clubs in town, a night at the casino, lapdance clubs, a night at the dogs, whatever is the groom’s ideal night out we’ll make sure you’ve got it sorted.

Saving You Money

At we’re not just committed to great customer service (although we are known for it, 96% of our clients say they would book with us again) we also like to save you money. With a few good looking fellas in our office (and a few weird looking shockers!) we have attended more than our fair share of stag parties, we know it can get expensive when not handled properly and like you we value getting the most bang for our buck.

So since 2002 we have cultivated great relationships with all our venues, hotels, activities and suppliers and because of this goodwill we get exclusive rates you won’t find elsewhere. That means you will get events at a netter rate than if you were booking direct.

Irish Stag Do - Playing At Home...

Of course by picking an Irish destination you won’t lose time or money flying anywhere, that means you can get your party started that little bit sooner and have more money for fun rather than flights. We think it’s a smart move and duly salute you, in fact we’d drink to your health right now but we’ve got to stay here working while you’re having fun.

And that’s just what we’ll do, no matter which of Ireland’s great cities you choose to celebrate in you won’t be completely on your own. You’ll get our 24/7 emergency line so even if the groom should get stuck in a tree or things get unravelled in someway we’re always just a phone call away.

The final great feature of your Irish stag party with is less hassle. Planning can be hard work when not done right so not only will we take all the stress away from you but getting it all lined up but you won’t even have to chase the boys for money. With our easy online payment system all the stags can pay individually so all you need to do it get it booked up then you can relax, enjoy and wait for the congrats from the lads on a job well done.

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