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European Stag Weekends

European stag weekends
Experience the buzz of some of the greatest nightlife across top European destinations

A stag do is always a great chance to try something new, it’s also a great opportunity to head to sunnier climbs and get away from the liquid Irish summer (and we’re not talking about the beer). Finding sunnier climbs is one of the many great treats about planning a European stag party and by booking with you can be sure of the best European destinations at great prices.

Algarve European stag
Amsterdam European stag
Barcelona European stag
Berlin European stag
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Budapest European stag
Ibiza European stag
Krakow European stag
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Prague European stag
Czech Republic
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Your Guide To The Ultimate European Stag Weekend

These are 10 of our top European destinations, not just because we believe they are some of the best European stag party destinations (although we really can recommend every one) but they consistently come out top of the places Irish stags most want to go and party.

Fun, sun and ice cool drinks are the bedrocks to get the boys in the party mood and with it really is easy to lead the boys to the promised land. Enquire now!

Why head to Europe?

If you’re still not sure on where you and the boys should be heading on your stag party then a trip to Europe really is a top tip. A break from the routine and a chance for some fun under clear blue skies could be just what the doctor ordered. Obviously Europe does have the climate which really is a bonus, nursing a hangover under grey skies is never much fun but laying on a sunbed on the beach in Barcelona...? Suddenly that hangover doesn’t feel so bad.

Europe also offers a new twist on some of the usual stag activities you can sample back home. While many lads might have tried their hand at clay pigeon shooting there aren’t many who are likely to have handled and AK-47, our European target shooting let’s you get your hands on the kind of big boys toys you legally aren’t allowed to touch back home.

It doesn’t stop there, Europe can offer world championship golf courses, miles of golden beaches, outdoor activities, as well as totally amazing nightlife. Barcelona, Ibiza, Budapest, Amsterdam... Each of our destinations has nightlife unlike anything you’ll find on your usual Friday nights with the boys. Partying through to breakfast is what stag do’s are all about and many of our top destinations don’t really get into full swing until the midnight hour kicks in.

Why Book Your European Stag Do With

At we’ve been arranging stag parties since 2002, in that time we’ve sent over 450,000 clients away on pre-wedding parties to celebrate the passing of another happy individual into the afterlife of matrimony. That’s given us plenty of time to get things right and an unrivalled dedication to customer service.

Making sure you have the best time is the focus of everything we do, whether it’s a stress free booking procedure, 1st hand knowledge of all our destinations, great prices or simple but reliable communication we think we have got things pretty tight. And many of our customers agree, 96% of our clients say they would book with us again.

You can also talk to us at anytime, whether you just want to bend our ear and get some helpful advice on where to go, get an initial idea of cost without any hard sell right through to those that book having a 24/7 contact number so even if something unexpected crops up and the brown stuff hits the rotating wind mover we’re always just a phone call away.

Saving You Money...

Let’s cut to the chase, we all want more for our money whether it’s booking a holiday or buying fish and chips, we all want it super-sized at a regular price. And we’re no different, our office is manned by stags who have all been and regularly attend stag dos so saving you money is one of our key aims.

We’ve been working with many of our suppliers of years, we take the time to visit all our destinations, meet our suppliers, see the activities and hotels for ourselves. Having created such good relationships (and sending so many clients to them over the years) means we get exclusive rates you simply won’t get booking direct. We pass these “mates rates” on to you because getting you great prices means you’ll get more bang for your buck and you’re more likely to book with us again or recommended us to your friends.

But one final trick up our sleeve is our excellent VIP client area. Once you’ve got your booking sorted you won’t need to be chasing after all the lads asking them to pay their share, with our individual payment system each lad can pay online and see details of the weekend you’ve lined up for them. That means you can kick back and relax ready for the weekend ahead safe in the knowledge of a job well done.

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