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Zorbing stag party

Zorbing Stag Party

As a concept, zorbing is about as crazy as it gets and chances are, none of your friends will have tried it before. For the uninitiated it is essentially climbing into a giant beach ball and being bowled down the largest hiss you can find. Only a bit crazier! Best reserved for those with a good sense of humour - as well as a strong stomach...

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The craic on Zorbing

First made popular in adventure loving New Zealand, zorbing is probably one of the weirdest ways to get your thrills. Instructors will strap you and one of your mates inside an inflatable, clear plastic bubble so that you can see the ground slipping away from beneath you! Taking place on naturally occurring steep and bumpy hills or engineered zorb courses, the rockiest ride possible is exactly what zorbing enthusiasts are aiming for. Some courses even include water for making things even faster and just to let all of the hardcore thrill seekers amongst you know, these crazy spheres can reach speeds of up to 40 kph!


  • EQUIPMENT – Everything is provided for you.
  • DURATION – 1-3 hours.
  • GROUP SIZE – A minimum of 6 stags.
  • CLOTHING – Something comfortable is best.
  • EXPERIENCE – No previous zorbing experience necessary.
  • SEASONAL – Summer only.
  • LAUGH FACTOR – You'll be rolling down a hill in a giant inflatable hamster ball! says: "Zorbing is definitely different and if you’ve got a bunch of adrenaline junkies on your hands, then this is unlike anything they’ll have tried before. Where else than a stag party will you get to try something this fantastically weird?!?"


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A Little More

Get things moving on the morning of your stag do and make any adrenaline junkies out there very, very happy with a trip down a steep slope inside a giant zorb. Unlike white water rafting or kayaking which require a certain level of skill, zorbing is pretty much devoid of technique which is, we must say, a major bonus. Ideal for stag groups with a good sense of humour, launching yourselves downhill in huge hamster balls is fantastically nuts!

The Format

  • Arrive and have a quick safety briefing from your instructor.
  • Strap in! You can go solo or with a mate.
  • Time to rock and roll.

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