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Zap Cats stag party

Zap Cats Stag Party

If huge rollercoasters, jetskis and speedboats feel like a walk in the park and you’ve got a demanding adventure mad groom-to-be to please, zap kats are definitely the way to go. It’s like an amusement park on water except theirs no break and often feels like no one in control! They’re amongst the fastest aqua vehicles on the market and really do require nerves of steel...

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The craic on Zap Cats

When it comes to adventure activities, at we really do know our stuff so believe us when we say that nothing goes faster than a zap kat. A well experienced zap kat instructor will pull everybody out into the choppiest, most terrifying area of the water – and then proceed to ramp up the speed! This activity is pretty out of control at the best of times and so don’t be too surprised if your driver gets the high jumps, sharp turns and wave leaps going as soon as you hit the water. Got your sea legs? Good. You’re going to need ’em!


  • EQUIPMENT – Everything you need is provided.
  • DURATION – Usually you’ll be out on the water for 1-2 hours.
  • GROUP SIZE – 6 is your minimum.
  • CLOTHING – Swimming gear, trainers and an old t-shirt is recommended, along with dry clothes, a towel and nerves of steel.
  • EXPERIENCE – No experience necessary but you must all be able to swim.
  • SEASONAL – Summer only.
  • SPEED FACTOR – This is full throttle, high powered, white water action at its best! says: "Zap kats are a great alternative to driving activities when you’re looking to satisfy your best mate’s need for speed. There are no holds barred here and our instructors will really push everybody’s nerves to the absolute limit!"


Brighton, Newquay

A Little More

These powerful vehicles are seriously impressive, they come with 50 horsepower outboard engines and so are capable of hitting 50 mph. A fantastic combination of speed, white water danger and high adrenaline moves, there’s no better way to enjoy water sports!

The Format

  • Arrive and go through a quick safety briefing
  • Now, pull on your life vests
  • It’s time to get wet and wild
  • Return to dry land, hug and kiss it and promise never to go near water again!

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