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Ultimate Sports Challenge stag party

Ultimate Sports Challenge Stag Party

The ultimate challenge for sporting stags. Turn your stag weekend into a sporting battle ground as your stag party tackle not one, not two, not three but 10 of Ireland's most popular sports to see who takes the crown and who just takes the biscuit. You'll 20,000 square foot indoor arena so ultimately one man can claim "Vini, vidi, vici" (I came, I saw, I conquered).

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The craic on Ultimate Sports Challenge

It’s time to settle once and for all who is the ultimate champ and who are mere chumps as you do sporting battle in a huge indoor arena. You’ll face a scoreboard and each stag will be doing his best to score a perfect 100 points. Each stag will try his hand at every event in what many of our stags have told us is the best sporting challenge they’ve faced. You might think you’re Ronaldo on the football pitch but can you swing a golf club? Or Brian O’Driscoll with a rugby ball in your hands but how are you at hurling? This really will put even the most accomplished sportsmen to the test due to the wide variety of sports each stag will need to master.


  • EQUIPMENT – Everything you need is provided.
  • DURATION – 2 hours.
  • GROUP SIZE – Minimum of 6.
  • CLOTHING – Sports clothing and trainers.
  • SEASONAL – All year round.
  • CHAMP FACTOR – Just like Highlander, when it comes to reigning supreme “There can be only one. says: "It’s such a great variety of sports there really is something for everyone and if the groom is a competitive bloke then this is pitch perfect."



A Little More

Often one of the hardest tasks for any stag party organiser is finding an activity to suit the whole group, with such a large selection of sports to conquer there is something to suit every stag so no man gets completely left behind. It’s also a great ice breaker as the teams will move around the challenges together and watch each other in action. This of course will inevitably lead on to some verbal sparring as everyone will be quick to shoot down the groom or best man as they step up to the action. However you only sing when you’re winning and ultimately one man will be crowned champion but you can be sure the whole group will get a massive kick out of this action packed day.

The Format

  • After getting changed and warming up your instructor will give you brief you on the challenges ahead.
  • You’ll then step up to each challenge in turn with quick breaks in between.
  • As you complete each challenge you’ll enter your individual scores onto the leaderboard.
  • All hail! To the victor go the spoils (and bragging rights).

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