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Target Shooting stag party

Target Shooting Stag Party

Macho, cool, and a true test of skill –target shooting was invented for men to show their manliness. Great for experienced marksmen and complete beginners alike, you’ll get your hands on all the latest available firearms, then step up to the mark and see which of the lads is top gun and who’s just a top banana.

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The craic on Target Shooting

We love a bit of competitive spirit on a stag do, and there’s certainly plenty of that with target shooting. However, the reason we love it isn’t for the chance to show up your mates with your expert marksmanship skills – no, we love it for the chance to get your hands on a huge selection of very cool, very dangerous, weaponry. The selection can range from handguns, rifles, machine guns to pump action shot guns, all with live ammo and a selection of targets to hit. Typical guns can include Glocks, Magnums, Kalashnikovs, Colts, Lugers, Marakovs, Heckler & Kochs, Berettas, Remmingtons, Taurus, CZ, and Mossbergs… and that’s just to start with.


  • EQUIPMENT – Varies depending on location, but it will all be provided.
  • DURATION – Half day multi-activity sessions are available.
  • GROUP SIZE – 6+.
  • CLOTHING – Comfortable and unrestrictive.
  • EXPERIENCE – None required.
  • SEASONAL – No.
  • SKILL FACTOR – Our expert instructors will ensure you’re all crack shots by the end. says: "Target shooting is always a fantastic stag weekend activity, giving the lads the chance to get their hands on a Dirty Harry style .44 Magnum, or James Bond’s Walther PPK."


Amsterdam, Belgrade, Berlin, Bratislava, Bristol, Budapest, Gdansk, Hamburg, Krakow, Las Vegas, Ljubljana, Poznan, Prague, Riga, Sofia, Tallinn, Wroclaw

A Little More

There’s target shooting available in the UK and Ireland, but we’d also recommend heading further out to Europe if you can – Eastern Europe can provide opportunities to shoot guns that can’t be brought in to the UK, giving you and the lads a completely incredible and once in a life time experience that other stag dos will have trouble living up to. There’s always one of our expert instructors on hand to make sure you’re all pointing the guns the right way, give you a few tips and help you put all those hours of COD training into practice.

The Format

  • You’ll arrive and go through a very, very important safety briefing – there’s no playing around when you’re handling actual firearms.
  • After selecting your guns, you’ll head to the range to learn how to shoot, load, and discharge the various weapons.
  • Ready... Aim… Fire!

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