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Speed Boat Ribbing stag party

Speed Boat Ribbing Stag Party

Fancy all the fun and excitement of white water rafting without putting in all that effort? Then speed boat ribbing is the extreme activity for you. Ribbing works in pretty much the same way as white water rafting - except the usual paddles are replaced with 2 massive 225hp V6 outboard engines. So there’s less grunting and much more va va voom. If you like you challenges extreme and your engines to be monstrous then this is the water activity for you.

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The craic on Speed Boat Ribbing

Perfect for any lazy thrill seeker, speed boat ribbing allows everyone to get out on to the open water – but without all that paddling nonsense! Your personal skipper will clear the harbour channel and shipping lanes and then once you hit clear water its full throttle, trouser threatening adrenalin. This amazing 225hp vessel is capable of some serious speed. Big waves, churning foam, wakes and choppy waters make every speed boat ribbing trip action packed from start to finish.


  • EQUIPMENT – Everything you need is provided.
  • DURATION – Your voyage will last around 2 hours.
  • GROUP SIZE – 6 is the minimum.
  • CLOTHING – There's a chance you WILL be getting wet.
  • EXPERIENCE – None required.
  • SEASONAL – Ribbing is only available in summer.
  • THRILL FACTOR – Like walking on water only with a 225hp V6 engine strapped to your backside! says: "White water ribbing is wet, wild, fast and furious. Perfect for stags who want to feel the need for speed and perhaps a face full of wave!"


Algarve, Bournemouth, Cardiff, Dublin, Exeter, Galway, Glasgow, Isle of wight, Newquay, Portsmouth, Reading, Southampton, Torquay

A Little More

Watch hungover stags as they hit the high seas at breakneck speed, you’ll get to laugh at their expense as you all get some serious adrenalin fuelled action. Although just to be on the safe side we’d recommend leaving lunch until you’re back on dry land though. And for any timid stags in your group who might not be able to handle too much speed just remind that according to Lord Jeremy of Clarkson “Speed never killed anyone, suddenly becoming stationary, that's what gets you.”

The Format

  • Introductory safety talk.
  • Get kitted out in life jackets and waterproofs.
  • Hit the waves for a bone shaking, white knuckle, trouser changing ride!
  • Return to the shore, hug and kiss dry land.

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