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Rage Buggies stag party

Rage Buggies Stag Party

If you’re looking for fast and furious on your stag do, you’ve found it. With rage buggies, the clue is very much in the name – it doesn’t get much more furious than these four wheeled, one seater powerhouses of speed and control. They are the Tasmanian Devils of motorsport and built for tough confrontation, however they take skilled handling so its not simply down to the driver with the biggest cajones but ultimately the most skill who’ll take the title.

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The craic on Rage Buggies

Small, powerful, angry forces of mechanised mayhem, rage buggies are unstoppable once you get them on the track – they come with a roll cage, and they come with a roll cage for a reason. All they need is someone behind the wheel to press the pedal down and let them off the leash, and gives you and the chance to be those someones. You’ll race over the off road course head to head against the other lads, seeing who’s burning up the track and who’s left behind to eat dust.


  • EQUIPMENT – All necessary equipment provided.
  • DURATION – Approximately 1 hour, depending on group size.
  • GROUP SIZE – 6+.
  • CLOTHING – Something comfortable you don't mind getting messy.
  • RESTRICTIONS – Height and weight restrictions may apply.
  • SEASONAL – No.
  • SPEED FACTOR – Rage buggies can reach speeds of up to 60mph. says: "Muddy, fast, and very, very exciting, rage buggies are a top choice for lads who think go karts are ‘a bit girlie’."


Bath, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Cheltenham, Glasgow, Harrogate, Leeds, London, Maidstone, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Oxford, Portsmouth, Riga, Sheffield, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Woolacombe, York

A Little More

If you and the lads are tired of the standard motor racing activities, if you’ve done quads and karts and want to try something new, the rage buggies might be just the things for you. These angry mechanical monsters are great in the dry but untroubled by mud or rain so they’re perfect for crash test dummies any time of year. And, of course, they’ve got that all-important competitive element that lads love. When it comes to winning "There can be only one."

The Format

  • Arrive, kit up, and sit through the mandatory safety briefing.
  • The exact day depends on the venue, but generally a few practice laps of the track to get you warmed up will follow.
  • Then a few rounds of heats and semi-finals before the best drivers go on to the finals.

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