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Quad Biking stag party

Quad Biking Stag Party

What are lads to do when they want to get back to nature, let out their animal side, and indulge their primal instincts, but they also want to enjoy the thrill of some of the most powerful and forceful vehicles mankind has created? Well, quad bikes of course! They’ll let you tear up and down slopes, through woodlands, and flat out over mother nature without a backwards glance, roaring through Ireland, England and beyond without hesitation. It’s like a nice country walk with more shouting, big engines and without any of that boring countryside getting in the way.

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The craic on Quad Biking

When it’s raw power and sheer torque you’re after, you and the boys need to saddle up and grab a quad bike. With sites up and down the country, as well as further abroad, can help you run roughshod over some of the dirtiest, trickiest, and most demanding terrain in relentless quads that range from 125cc to a colossal 250cc. It’s not all about speed, though there’s often the chance to go flat out if you want to. No, it’s more about ripping through the woodland and countryside on these beasts, rumbling over all the dips, hills, banks, and obstacles in your path.


  • EQUIPMENT – All provided for you.
  • DURATION – Approx. 1 hour, depends on group size and location.
  • GROUP SIZE – 6+.
  • CLOTHING – Comfortable clothing you don’t mind getting muddy.
  • EXPERIENCE – None required.
  • SEASONAL – No.
  • THRILL FACTOR – Tearing through the countryside on 125cc 4 wheel quads? It’s what the countryside was made for! says: "Quad bikes have are one of the finest big boy toys ever invented. Add in a racing element and you and the lads are on for a superb activity that’s hard to beat!"


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A Little More

Available almost anywhere you go with, quads are a fantastic stag weekend opportunity, giving you and the boys a chance to try something completely new and have a real laugh at the same time. Motorsports are always a hit on stag weekends, and quad bikes are right up there with the best of them, one of the most popular stag weekend choices of all time. If you want to get the lads out of the pub and in to the fresh air, book the boys in to a quad biking session!

The Format

  • You’ll start off with the standard safety briefing, before you head off to kit up.
  • Once you’re on the course, you’ll generally start with a basic beginners’ circuit to master the controls and get used to the quads.
  • Finally it’s time to get serious and get racing.

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