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Hovercrafting stag party

Hovercrafting Stag Party

If you’ve never tried hovercraft racing there are two things you need to know; One, it is hilariously great fun. Two, it is much much harder than it looks. You might think you’re a king of the tarmac but learning to handle one of these inflatable bad boys is a different matter entirely. You need a delicate touch to master tight turns and tracks but still have to keep the throttle down to take the crown. It’s not the most gung ho driver who will take the chequered flag but the canny skilled drivers who will master a deceptively difficult craft.

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The craic on Hovercrafting

You’ll all go head to head hoping for the best time or take on side by side action. In the hands of experts hovercrafts are almost balletic, in the hands of most stags they merely look chaotic which makes it brilliant fun. You can laugh and cheer as you watch your mates drift hopelessly sideways while other will pick it up straight away, however becoming a true master takes some real skill and deft touch. If your groom to be is blessed with a healthy sense of adventure, hovercrafting is absolutely perfect and will have everybody in stitches.


  • EQUIPMENT – Everything is provided.
  • DURATION – Allowing half a day is advisable.
  • GROUP SIZE – 6 lads are needed to take part.
  • CLOTHING – Something old and comfy is best.
  • EXPERIENCE – No previous hovercraft driving necessary, thankfully.
  • SEASONAL – No, but winter sessions can get cold.
  • LAUGH FACTOR – Steering these things is never easy – get ready for 360 degree turns and spins aplenty! says: "If you want to race with a difference and two and four wheels just seem too easy then hovercraft racing is the one for you. Fast, furious and sometimes very frustrating fun that we’d recommend for any adventurous group to try."


Birmingham, Bournemouth, Chester, Edinburgh, Leeds, London, Maidstone, Manchester, Nottingham, Oxford, Portsmouth, Reading, Sheffield, Wroclaw

A Little More

The engine size of these amphibious beasts goes up to a massive 500cc – so make sure you’re in control before you go full throttle! There are expert instructors on site to help everyone make the most of their time atop a hovercraft and so whether you’re up and away in moments or need a little more of a helping hand, everybody has the opportunity to hover to their heart’s content. Once the technique is down, it’s time to race! Pit your wits against your mates and get that hovercraft in place for a fast and furious race like no other...

The Format

  • Arrive at the activity site and meet your instructor.
  • Next, it’s time for an introduction to the vehicle’s features and a safety briefing.
  • Take to the crafts and learn how best to steer and move properly.
  • Race in time trials against your mates.
  • Now a final to crown the ultimate winner.

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