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Golf stag party

Golf Stag Party

Golf is an absolute stag weekend classic, proper sporting action with a competitive edge but without having to work up a sweat or mess with delicate heads. Ideal after a big night when everybody could do really do with a gentle activity out in the open air, we have connections to some of the biggest, best and most impressive golf courses in the UK, Ireland and Europe so even your golfing connoisseur mates will be impressed. The best thing on the course is you can show your individual sporting prowess and still enjoy great banter as you play. It is the perfect Sunday morning stag activity.

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The craic on Golf

You probably don’t need us to explain the rules of golf, especially if there’s a self styled golf guru in your group! Bringing along your own golf clubs is recommended and adhering to the dress code is a must, so keep that mankini for the club (or better still, the bin) and bust out the pastel pink sweater vest. Golf course etiquette is simple enough to follow but it’s worth having a quick read through before you all head out on the green if there are golf virgins amongst you. This way, you can all respect the rules of the course as well as your fellow golfers – and avoid any embarrassing slip ups along the way! Shanking onto opposing fairways is sadly par for the course though (see what we did there?).


  • EQUIPMENT – If you have your own clubs and kit, bring these along. Otherwise, you’re able to hire when you get there.
  • DURATION – You’ll be golfing for around 2-3 hours.
  • GROUP SIZE – At least 6.
  • CLOTHING – Standard golf kit guidelines apply.
  • EXPERIENCE – None, it’s a great opportunity to introduce newbies to the game.
  • SEASONAL – No (but bad seriously bad weather can be a factor).
  • SKILL FACTOR – Show off your best skills out on the green. says: "Golf is great for any stags who love sports, getting active and competitive  - but feel like 5 a side footy might be a bit much for a Sunday morning..."


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A Little More

There’s a huge range of fantastic golf courses all across Europe and the UK but because they are very popular throughout the summer months so booking as early as possible is advisable. Aside from bookings and places, golf clubs are known for being a little on the expensive side much of the time – when you book with us, you can sidestep any unreasonable costs and simply pay for the good bit. Perfect!

The Format

  • Arrive at the golf course and sign in.
  • Get suited and booted – rock those visors and argyle.
  • If you need to hire equipment, now’s your chance.
  • Get out on the course and knock ’em dead.
  • Stopping by the 19th for a cheeky shandy is advisable.

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