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Go Karting stag party

Go Karting Stag Party

Hitting the track at high speed with your backside inches from the tarmac, it is, hands down, one of the classic greats of a stag weekend, consistently among the most popular stag do activities across Ireland and the UK. Maybe it’s the powerful engines, maybe it’s the challenge of the tracks, maybe it’s just the sheer, face-melting speed – we don’t know. However if you want full throttle action and some serious competitive action then go karting delivers every time.

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The craic on Go Karting

Go karting is one of the most popular stag weekend activities around, available for lads not only in Ireland and the UK but all across Europe. has sites in almost every location waiting for you and the lads to arrive, put the pedal to the floor, and get racing around our state-of-the-art tracks. Go karts are popular not only for the sheer speeds, but also the undeniable competitive element involved – who can resist showing off their Stig-like skills in front of their mates? Or, you know, trying too hard to show off your Stig-like skills, and crashing and burning… literally. It also gives the lads a chance to try something they don’t usually get to do. After all, there are no speed limits on the go kart track.


  • EQUIPMENT – All provided for you.
  • DURATION – Depends on group size, but 60 minutes is standard.
  • GROUP SIZE – 6+.
  • CLOTHING – Dress comfortably, wear shoes you can drive in.
  • RESTRICTIONS – Occasionally weight restrictions apply.
  • SEASONAL – No.
  • SPEED FACTOR – Once you get the hang of it go karting is butt clenchingly quick! says: "Regardless of age, experience – or even driving ability – go karting is a hit with all lads. It’s an old favourite for stag weekends, and it’s very easy to see why!"


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A Little More

The exact specifications of the tracks and karts change depending where in the world you and the guys are headed; there are outdoor tracks (longer but more susceptible to bad weather), indoor tracks, varying styles, lengths, features, engine capacity… there are even different racing styles, with both endurance and Grand Prix-esque sessions around, so ask our team to find something best suited to you and the lads. Wherever you go you’re guaranteed a high octane, adrenaline fuelled thrilling race.

The Format

  • You’ll arrive at the track and get kitted out in a racing overalls, gloves, and helmet.
  • There will a brief safety talk and racing instructions, before you make your way to the tracks and wait for the flag to drop.
  • Either individually in a grand prix race or through a team endurance event, you and the lads will race against one another...
  • …before the winner is declared, often with podium presentation (and the occasional bottle of bubbly).

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