Irish stags for Irish lads
Gaelic Games stag party

Gaelic Games Stag Party

Time to get back to your roots with some fast paced, energetic, and competitive action. Our Gaelic games session isn’t like any other sports we offer; you and the boys aren’t limited to just one sport, you’ll get to turn your hand to a whole host of sports that embody the very best of Irish games. Whether you’re looking for full on winner takes all competition or Eddie the Eagle never say die try-hards this activity is a must for serious sports nuts (or even hilarious sports nuts).

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The craic on Gaelic Games

You can kick around a football or take a swing at golf anywhere in the world – the great thing about Irish sports is there home grown and unique. It might be a while since you and the guys have put your foot through a Gaelic football and (whisper) there are even those who have still yet to try Ireland’s most notable and noble sports. Grab your hurley/ball/different shaped ball, and hope the luck of the Irish is on your side – it’s time for the ultimate Irish stag do experience!


  • EQUIPMENT – All provided for you.
  • DURATION – 3 hours.
  • GROUP SIZE – 6+.
  • CLOTHING – Wear something you can move in and don’t mind getting down and dirty.
  • EXPERIENCE – None needed, but professional Gaelic footballers have an advantage.
  • SEASONAL – No.
  • COMPETITIVE FACTOR – Seriously competitive. Not only are there multiple sports to try, but there’s also your pride as Irishmen at stake. says: "Ideal for athletic stags who want to try something a little unusual and different on their stag do, the Gaelic games are unique to Ireland and promise a fantastic weekend that enjoys all the best of traditional Irish culture!"


Belfast, Cork, Dublin, Galway, Limerick

A Little More

You and the lads will be able to have a go at hurling, Gaelic Football and Irish handball on the stag do, taking to the fields and taking on each other in a furious (sometimes riotous) battle that any Irish lads – and overseas visitors along for the ride – are bound to love. Competitive and active, it’s a brilliant way to get the boys up and moving on the stag weekend. Of course, if you did want to include a few drinks, you can always keep tally of the scores and make sure the first pint is on the losing team.

The Format

  • You’ll arrive at our Gaelic games venue where our expert instructor will meet you and talk you through the day.
  • You’ll start off with hurling – don’t worry, the rules will be explained at the start of every game if you don’t know them – before moving on to Gaelic football, and finally handball.
  • After that, there will be the chance to sit, debrief, and celebrate your wins and losses before you head off to celebrate/commiserate with a pint or two.

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