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Extreme Dodgems stag party

Extreme Dodgems Stag Party

This is the ultimate in big boys toys, its real life, revved up, knuckle-whitening, fun from start to finish. You and the boys will get behind the wheel of professional spec racing cars and take to the track for real stock car racing action complete with trophies and trackside commentator. As far as motorsports go there is simply nothing that comes close to the thrill of extreme dodgems. We’ve been fortunate enough to try out all our activities but Extreme Dodgems are in a league of their own for thrills.and spills. It’s the perfect chance to work off some in car aggression as you and the lads go head to head and bumper to bumper.

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The craic on Extreme Dodgems

Quite possibly the ultimate dream for any car mad stag who has a big appetite for speed and thrills, you all have the opportunity to play out a game of dodgems – but this time in real life and with real cars! You and your mates will be strapped into high speed saloon stock cars and get ready to take part in the race of your life. Two heats decide the final’s candidates and a winner takes all final means that only one of you can bring home the coveted trophy. You’ll even get live trackside commentary, so as well as adding an element of realism, you’ll be aware of your own position as well as that of others around the track. Or hear him announce how badly you’re driving.


  • EQUIPMENT – Crash helmets and racing overalls will be provided.
  • DURATION – This activity lasts around 4 hours.
  • GROUP SIZE – Your minimum group size is 10.
  • CLOTHING – Be prepared to get a little dusty.
  • EXPERIENCE – All drivers must have a full UK driving license and be reasonably fit. Maximum height is 6 ft 6”, weight 20 stone and minimum height 4 ft 10”.
  • SEASONAL – Nope, you can try this whenever you fancy.
  • CRAZY FACTOR – It’s stock car racing! This is as crazy as driving gets! says: "Extreme dodgems is a perfect activity for lads who aren’t afraid of living on the edge – and love to act like big kids. Put your foot down and test your mettle against your mates’ metal."


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A Little More

Driving a stock car can feel pretty different to your regular ride, so during your extreme dodgems activity, experts in the industry will help you all out with the controls and technique. There’s more to it than just speed and aggression… but there is LOTS of speed and aggression! A little healthy competition is always welcome on any stag weekend and it doesn’t get any more fast and furious than this. Extreme dodgems make for just the right balance of silliness and speed, meaning that it’s absolutely perfect for getting your stag weekend off to a great start!

The Format

  • Arrive at the track, enjoy some refreshments and meet your instructors.
  • Next, it’s time to get on your perfect racing overalls!
  • After this, you’ll receive a safety briefing and a guide to the control.
  • Before racing, everyone has the chance for a practice session.
  • Get racing!
  • The showdown. Pedal to the metal, lads.
  • The winner will receive a trophy and give a rousing speech following their triumphant race.
  • Be rid of your overalls and kiss goodbye to your stock cars

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