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Deep Sea Fishing stag party

Deep Sea Fishing Stag Party

It’s the classic, quintessential man activity; heading out to see with a crate of beers and a few fishing rods to spend a peaceful day bonding with the lads, relaxing, and enjoying the open water, a little banter and maybe catching a few fish too. Calm, chilled, and frankly perfect for soothing a hungover head, deep sea fishing is a fantastic option to include on a stag weekend.

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The craic on Deep Sea Fishing

If there’s a more perfect excuse to escape the shores and spend some time unwinding and relaxing with the lads than fishing, we don’t know it. With deep sea fishing, you get to set sail and head out to… well, the deep sea, with no distractions or interruptions – just you, the lads, and a couple of beers. And possibly a few fish too, if you’re lucky. Great if you’ve got a hangover, great if you don’t have a hangover but appreciate a little downtime, there’s pretty much no circumstance in which deep sea fishing isn’t a brilliant addition to a stag weekend. Well. Unless the stag is known for getting seasick, we suppose.


  • EQUIPMENT – All provided for you.
  • DURATION – Half day (3-5 hours) and full day (5-8 hour) sessions available.
  • GROUP SIZE – 6+.
  • CLOTHING – Warm and waterproof.
  • EXPERIENCE – None needed.
  • SEASONAL – Yes, summer only.
  • LAUGH FACTOR – High, for such a chilled activity. You can draw on all your favourite Jaws quotes or just laugh at each other’s attempts at casting its just a great day for hanging out and banter. says: "Hugely popular, and something all the lads are bound to be able to take part in and enjoy regardless of age or physical ability. Extra marks are of course awarded for over doing the Jaws quotes."


Algarve, Barcelona, Bournemouth, Brighton, Cork, Dublin, Dubrovnik, Exeter, Galway, Gdansk, Gothenburg, Ibiza, Isle of wight, Limerick, Lisbon, Newcastle, Newquay, Portsmouth, Southampton, Torquay

A Little More

Deep sea fishing is available all over the world, with the exact catches possible dependant on where you and the lads decide to head. Around the Ireland and the UK, it’s only possible around summer, but if you’re desperate for an off-season fishing trip, head out to Algarve, Barcelona, or Ibiza.

The Format

  • When you arrive at your boat you’ll meet your skipper for the day and go through a quick run down of the plan for the day.
  • After that, you’ll head out to sea – the longer your session is, the further from shore you’ll be able to go.
  • Then there’s nothing more to do than cast your lines, sit back, and wait for a “the big one”.

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