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Clay Shooting stag party

Clay Shooting Stag Party

Although clay pigeon shooting may not be anything new, it’s a classic and will suit stag guests young and old down to the ground. Blow away the cobwebs on a bleary morning and try your hand at engaging a top quality 12 bore shot gun and smashing that pottery poultry to pieces. Expert instructors are on hand to help, so whether you’re a seasoned pro or have never tried out the sport before, everyone is well catered for.

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The craic on Clay Shooting

Much less violent than shooting at that real thing, clay pigeon shooting involves taking out birds made of pottery which are propelled at various different angles and speeds above and across the ground. Essentially clay discs, your ‘birds’ must be shot at by the player and even if the first few go astray, trust us, you’ll have this skill down in no time! Most of the time, stag shooting groups are split into sections with one instructor per six guests, meaning that your expert can work individually with every single guest, teaching him the pre-requisites of gun safety as well as a competent style that will soon allow the guest to ‘powder’ their clays every single time!


  • EQUIPMENT – Everything you need is provided.
  • DURATION – This activity will last between 90 minutes and 3 hours.
  • GROUP SIZE – Minimum of 6 stags.
  • CLOTHING – Anything goes.
  • EXPERIENCE – None needed but if you’re more experienced, we can adapt your programme to suit abilities.
  • SEASONAL – No, it’s a year round activity.
  • SKILL FACTOR – The perfect way to find out whose the top gun and whose a top banana. says: "There’s a reason why clay pigeon shooting is one of our most popular stag activities of all time – it’s fast, furious and perfect for larger groups with a wide variety of ages. Expert instructors will help you get the most from your time and increase your skill level fast!"


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A Little More

The firing itself will be done within a stand which works to prevent beginners  over swinging their guns, so even if you’ve never tried out this sport before, there’s plenty of support to help out! The guns recommended for men are usually 12 bore shotguns and because instructors stay present for each shot, the loading will be taken care of for you too. The style of shot which you decide to take will vary given the session you choose, with different stands offering different challenges from down-the-line and teal to rabbit and shooting in ‘pairs’.

The Format

  • Arrive at the shooting range with the lads and meet your instructor
  • Next, everyone will be fitted with a gun and safety equipment
  • A talk about safety and technique is next on the agenda
  • Your stag group will be split into teams of 6
  • The shooting expert on site will help everybody with technique and gun control individually
  • Let rip and take down as many birds as you can!

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