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Bubble Football stag party

Bubble Football Stag Party

Bubble Football is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing stag sports available. And its easy to see why, its fast, fierce and fecking funny. As a sport it retains it’s competitive edge, this is football so goals still have to be scored and one team will emerge as victors. As a spectacle and an activity it is simply hilarious and a sure fire winner with any group of sporting lads. And one of the best things with bubble football is it’s a real leveller so star players and footballer numpties will all be on a level playing field as skill can soon be bulldozed aside by one full on hit.

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The craic on Bubble Football

How someone came up with the idea of making football this mad we’ll never know, however we will be forever grateful. Everyone loves a kick-about with their mates, nutmegging a pal or sending a screamer past your brother always feels awesome but it’s those moments when someone ends up eating turf that we all really love. Well now you can utterly wipe out the groom in one hit safe in the knowledge you won’t get shredded Bridezilla in what is essentially a demolition derby version of the beautiful game.

“Well Gary, the way the defender took out the centre forward and sent him rolling down the pitch like a used squeaky toy was nothing short of genius and surely earns him a World Cup spot?”


  • EQUIPMENT – All provided.
  • DURATION – Like the beautiful game it’s 1.5 hrs but can be extended if required.
  • GROUP SIZE – At least 14.
  • CLOTHING – Sports kit and indoor football boots or trainers.
  • SEASONAL – All year round.
  • LAUGH FACTOR – Funnier than watching Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger wrestle for the Premiership title WWF-style. says: "We’re not normally emotional men at but the first time we tried this one we laughed so much we cried harder than Gazza in a World Cup semi-final."


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A Little More

Essentially the bubbles themselves are like giant inflatable hamster balls, once the ref blows his whistle (we’ll supply you with a match official as well as the balls, goals and pitch hire) battle commences as you barge, push and bowl each other aside. There’s nothing gentlemanly about bubble football but it is non-stop action and laughs for the full 90 minutes. If the game itself doesn’t get you out of breath the laughter definitely will.

The Format

  • Arrive and get kitted up prior to a rundown on the rules from your ref
  • Play hard and laugh harder until the final whistle (or you simply collapse from utter hysterics)

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