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Bobsleigh Stag Party

If you and the boys aren’t afraid of a little ice and snow and fancy a real adventure on your stag weekend, bobsleigh might just be the activity for you. Just like the pros at the Winter Olympics, your entire stag group are able to experience the thrill of sliding down a sharp inclined track in a professional bobsleigh – it’s a whole world away from enjoying the snow on a tin tray! The question is, can you keep it together at those top speeds?

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The craic on Bobsleigh

As stag activities go, its difficult to find anything more different and surprising than bobsleigh. Taking to the ice will be a real treat for your mates and it’s unlikely any of them will ever have tried it before, the thrill and adrenaline you get from running at those speeds over ice is a massive buzz. Each stag’s run down the icy track will be timed, so use the techniques your bobsleigh instructor suggests in order to beat the clock – and more importantly your mates. It’s possible to go down alone or accompanied by a couple of other stags but whatever you decide, speeds will always be up there and more than a little terrifying.


  • EQUIPMENT – Everything you need is provided.
  • DURATION – Allowing half a day is advised.
  • GROUP SIZE – Minimum of 6 stags.
  • CLOTHING – Dress as warmly as possible, chaps.
  • EXPERIENCE – None required.
  • SEASONAL – No, but in summer the bobsleigh will run on wheels.
  • THRILL FACTOR – Olympic track, Olympic speeds! says: "This activity is certainly one of our coolest and will gain you some serious brownie points with the groom to be. Make the most out of your time in Europe and try bobsleigh, a thrilling, exhilarating and totally unique activity!"


Bratislava, Munich, Riga

A Little More

A whole world away from tobogganing in the winter drifts at home, you have the opportunity to take a real bobsleigh down an Olympic standard track and take on one of the most terrifying winter sports out there. Available in areas of Europe where the weather is appropriately chilly, it’s the perfect addition to a big weekend away in Riga, Bratislava or Munich.

The Format

  • Meet your instructor and get kitted out
  • An essential safety talk comes before this extreme activity
  • Next, you’ll be towed right to the top of the course
  • Deep breath – it’s time to slide!
  • Your runs will all be timed so that a winner can be crowned
  • The bobsleigh champ take the glory

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