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Assault Course stag party

Assault Course Stag Party

Why give the lads a nice, relaxing stag do when instead you can break their spirits, destroy their soul, and push them past the point of physical and mental exhaustion with an assault course session? Trust us, they’ll come out better, stronger, and a whole lot manlier for it… or at the very least they’ll be too tired to gripe about it for long. Joking aside, it’s a brilliant session to bond all the lads, and ideal for an outdoors and action-packed stag weekend.

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The craic on Assault Course

Scramble nets, burma bridges, rope swings, high walls, and a whole lot of mud... it can only be an assault course. Ideal if you’re sure you’re in better shape than your mates, if you’ve been spending a lot of time in the gym and want to show off, or if you just happen to really enjoy crawling through mud while an army guy barks orders at you (hey, no judgement here). As a stag do activity, a session on the assault course is pretty much perfect for an intense and exhilarating stag weekend.


  • EQUIPMENT – All necessary equipment provided.
  • DURATION – About 1 hour.
  • GROUP SIZE – 8+.
  • CLOTHING – Non-restrictive clothing you don’t mind getting messy, old shoes or trainers.
  • EXPERIENCE – GI Joe and army recruits have an immediate advantage.
  • SEASONAL – No.
  • ACTION FACTOR – This is pretty much as intense as it gets. says: "Both exhausting and energising, this is a chance for you to measure your physical prowess against the lads, and have a real laugh at the same time."


Bath, Brighton, Bristol, Cheltenham, Exeter, London, Madrid, Manchester, Nottingham, Torquay

A Little More

There are plenty of new and unusual tasks and trials to undergo, including things you won’t have tried before (unless you happen to be Rambo in your spare time). In addition, you and the lads are pretty much guaranteed to come out better mates at the end of it – you know, the camaraderie of war and all that. There’s both team work, and a little competition to spice things up even further. It’s also as action packed as it’s possible for a stag do to get, ensuring that you and the boys really earn those pints you’ll be enjoying later. 

The Format

  • Arrive at the site and go through the obligatory safety briefing and introduction.
  • The day usually takes a time trial/competitive.
  • You and the lads will work against one another to complete the route as fast as possible, with timings recorded and penalties set for the slowest lads.

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