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Archery stag party

Archery Stag Party

Archery is laid back, relaxed and one of the best ways to spend a Sunday morning after a heavy night on the town. Popular since men wore tights as a regular wardrobe item, skill, accuracy and a steady hand are essential if you’re keen to hit the bullseye – bring out your inner Robin Hood and take to this ancient sport on your stag weekend! Expert instructors will be on site to get everybody on track and so once you’ve all got the hang of it, let the games begin...

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The craic on Archery

Chances are, you dreamed about being a gallant medieval warrior as a kid on more than one occasion – and now’s your chance to live out your fantasies for real! It can take weeks to get the technique for successful archery down but our activity has been designed specifically to ensure that you and your mates get the absolute most out of just 2 hours. Our instructors will help everyone develop their technique fast by discovering which of your eyes is the ‘master’ and so best for shooting, as well as placement of the bow and arrow and the best way to steady your arrow.


  • EQUIPMENT – No need to bring your own medieval bow - everything’s provided.
  • DURATION – This activity will last around 2 hours.
  • GROUP SIZE – 6 is your minimum.
  • CLOTHING – Something old and comfortable is best.
  • EXPERIENCE – None needed.
  • SEASONAL – No, you can shoot all year round!
  • SKILL FACTOR – Hawk eyes, steady hands and perfect aim are a must. says: "Archery is one of our finest outdoor activities and because it combines skill, accuracy and excellent hand eye coordination, it’ll definitely test even the most accomplished of stags. Tights optional."


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A Little More

Everyone’s been out on the paintball range and has zoomed around a go karting track these days, so why not try something different and test your friends’ skills with a bow and arrow? Aside from being a great way to get the competition going amongst your whole group, it’s fantastic for including everyone in a large stag weekend rabble and making the most of the fresh air. All the best equipment, friendly and helpful instructors and a good dose of competitive spirit combine to make archery the perfect Sunday morning stag do activity!

The Format

  • Arrive at the archery range and get ready to shoot
  • Meet with your instructor for the day and get to know your equipment
  • No arrow accidents here – a safety briefing comes first!
  • Now you’ll all learn the best techniques for hitting the bullseye
  • Get out there and try to beat your mates by shooting arrows at the targets and scoring via a points based system

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