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5 a side stag party

5 a side Stag Party

Affordable, easy, and a guaranteed hit with all the lads, there's nothing better than a game of footie to kick off your weekend – or as a way of working off the hangover Sunday morning. If all your mates are fans of the beautiful game then a game of 5-a-side is a winner and the perfect way to get some competitive spirit going among the stags.

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The craic on 5 a side

Ahh the beautiful game. Ever since you watched your first cup final or kicked a ball around the playground most lads are hooked. You might now all be exponents of total football and you can be fairly sure the one stag attendee who spends as much time getting ready for a night out as Ronaldo certainly can't play like him but its still one of the most popular and easily accessible sports out there. Well priced, energetic and seriously competitive, it gives you all the chance to do some showboating without breaking the bank. Plus it's a brilliant way to justify a pint or two to reward yourselves once you've built up a decent thirst.


  • EQUIPMENT – Changing rooms, goals and balls supplied, refs can be provided on request.
  • DURATION – About 1 hour, depending on group size.
  • GROUP SIZE – 10+. It's 5 a side, see.
  • EXPERIENCE – Lads that have football experience will have an obvious advantage.
  • SEASONAL – No.
  • LAUGH FACTOR – High, particularly if any of the lads turn out to be all brag and no balls (skills). says: 5-a-side is a quality activity that can fit easily in to any stag weekend without stretching the purse strings too far. We can supply refs if needed, or you can just keep it casual and enjoy a kick-about with the boys and work up an appetite for later.


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A Little More

We'll arrange the pitch and equipment, with the possibility of an indoor ground available in bad weather. All you'll need to bring is some shirts to differentiate between the two teams, and your ball skills… or if you're lacking in the foot-eye co-ordination department, enough money to cover the round you'll owe when your team loses.

The Format

We won't insult your intelligence here, and just keep it short:

  • Arrive
  • Play football.

A straightforward match, a round robin tournament... the exact format of the day is up to you.

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