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Gokarting stag party activity

When target shooting is done properly then it is one of the all time great, boys own stag party activities.  In the UK and Ireland, while target shooting can still be a lot of fun the guns available are “air pressure” driven, ie air pistols or air rifles. Whereas in Europe they are a bit more serious, from Glocks to Kalashnikovs!

what is target shooting?

The clues in the title but the guns and targets will vary, as will distances and settings. You are given a selection of weapons which can range from handguns to rifles to machine guns to pump action shotguns, with expert instruction and a big focus on gun safety; you’ll fire rounds at varying targets in a dedicated and professionally run shooting range. It’s an all-consuming activity and while the lads will be there as well there’s a justifiable air of seriousness to it, these are after all deadly weapons! To begin with a safety briefing will give you the basics of respecting the environment you are in, then gun safety and then the activity will commence. The instructors will be right beside you every time – and be warned the instructors also carry guns. Then you’re off, for some it’s very nearly the perfect stag weekend activity, sporting but macho and certainly exclusive – it’s a rare opportunity to get your hands on these amazing guns in the company of your best mates and one of those experiences you’ll remember for a long time. The competitive side of things also gives it an edge but to be honest just having the experience and actually firing an AK-47 or a Magnum .44 is plenty enough to satisfy your fellow stags.

who can do it?

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target shooting stag party stag weekend target shooting

Usually anyone, though age limits apply, if you are under 21 let us know in advance. Also if anyone in the group have any disabilities please let us know, while it is not usually a problem because of the safety requirements it is always better to check in advance. The most important thing of all is to be sober. Any professional range will not allow anybody to shoot if they suspect the group is under the influence.

where does target shooting take place?

As mentioned above you can take the stag party target shooting in the UK and Ireland but the best placed are undoubtedly in Central Europe . You’re going to have an incredible stag weekend in Central Europe anyway but add in target shooting and you have a real formula for success.

what’s the standard equipment for target shooting?

Top end guns and a set amount of rounds. You’ll get a choice of guns prior to the activity – which we’ll help with, though at the range you can also choose different weapons. Typical guns can include Glock, Magnums, Kalashnikovs, Colts, Lugers, Marakovs, Heckler & Koch, Beretta, Remmington, Taurus, CZ, and Mossberg. The number of shots / rounds will depend on the programme you have booked. Of course there are ear protectors – make sure you wear them but aside from that it’s down to comfort so wear comfortable, non fussy clothes so that your arms can move easily. Wear decent shoes with grip e.g. trainers or boots and if its cold take a hat and gloves, you don’t want your fingers freezing up.

how long does a decent target shooting session last?

Allow half a day. In many of the ranges there is also a bar – believe it or not, so many of our stag parties stay for a snack and a couple of beers afterwards. That makes it a great morning activity – as long as you allow enough time to sober up from the night before. For example an 11 am start is ideal, depending on your group size and how much ammo you want to fire you’ll usually finish your stag shooting session within 1-2 hours (unless you’ve gone all out), with a quick snack you’ll be on to the next activity for 2pm . Perfect for a combination day.

how do I plan a successful target shooting day?

The timing’s mentioned above – but really it’s such a premium activity anytime can be good as long as you book in advance. Don’t just turn up – you may well be turned away. Get the group numbers right, make sure the transfers are sorted; know what you’re doing afterwards. It’s a great combination activity giving you the opportunity for 2 stag weekend specials. For example in Budapest why not combine target shooting with a world famous spa? In Prague why not follow target shooting with a late brewery tour and lunch. In Bratislava combine it with white water rafting. The list goes on. There are many possibilities and we’ll give you all the best ones, making sure you get the most from your day. If you start with target shooting you shouldn’t go far wrong.

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